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Q: What is the ratio of coaches to campers?

A: Each camp varies a bit, but regardless which camp or training sessions we’re talking about, the ratio is almost always at or under 5:1 campers to coaches.  In most cases for the winter camp, the ratio is around 4:1.  Anyone who has been to our camps before will tell you that we are definitely not understaffed and that the camps are very organized.

Q: Who are the coaches at these camps?

A: Our camps are directed by Ryan Hurba, Hitting Coach & Recruiting Coordinator for BU Baseball.   Most of the coaches are either current or former BU Baseball players that still live in the area and current professional players that reside in the area during the off-season.

Q: What kinds of teaching can I expect?

A: The teaching will be very hands on and will be done in small groups.  The idea behind the camp is to try and create a very positive teaching atmosphere where the campers will feel comfortable around the coaches and each other.

Q: As for the winter camps, my son plays a winter sport, is there any flexibility with the Crack of the Bat sessions when there’s a conflict?

A: Our goal is to work with everyone and try to be as flexible and understanding as possible.  Each year, we have plenty of boys that have other commitments during the winter and we’re always very open to getting creative and keeping things as “stress-free” as possible for everybody.

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